The Rock Tears Up When He Meets Boys Who Saved Brother’s Life With Moves He Saw In Movie

Social critics love to complain that certain media and mediums are bad for us. From violent video games to equally brutal action films and TV series, they are constantly complaining about the influence these entertainments have on us, especially those too young to understand the differences between fiction and reality, and perhaps even, right and wrong.

The Rock Loves Meeting His Fans


But no one ever talk about the times when a movie can inspire good. Recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took time off from making his latest blockbuster – Skyscraper – to send a shout-out to a little boy who did something truly courageous. Why was the famous WWE icon interested in this story? It’s because the boy, 10-year-old Jacob O’Connor, learned the skills he needed to save the day from one of Johnson’s movies.

Including 10-Year-Old Jacob O’Connor


This past Summer, the boy was looking for his little two-year-old brother when he found him wandering around the yard. Suddenly, the baby fell into the pool, and when Jacob got to the scene, his sibling was face down in the water and not breathing. He immediately jumped into action, starting basic CPR moves on the child. Once he got to the ER, he was held for a night and then released.

The Rock Gives Jacob A Shout Out

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