For The First Time In His Life, Boy With Life-Threatening Allergies Enjoys Meal In A Restaurant

They call it a post-modern syndrome. Over time, as lifestyle have changed, more and more people seem affected by it. For many, it’s an irritant, a daily road bump that a dose of Benadryl (or a stronger prescription medicine) easily deals with. But for those with severe allergies, including those triggered by food, no place is safe. Even the slightest smell of something wrong can trigger an attack, and in some cases, those episodes can be deadly.

Lulu’s In Destin, Florida Is A Special Place


So for a mom like Holly Garrett-Estes, any adventure outside the sealed and secure environment of the home is a risk. Her son Isaac has multiple, life-threatening food allergies. It makes going anywhere almost impossible, especially if the family wants to eat out. Most restaurants are capable of dealing with special request and allergen-free foods, but the environment is so unpredictable that the Esteses don’t bother risking a reaction from Isaac.

They Cater To People With Severe Food Allergies


Then Lulu’s in Destin, Florida came along. When misom first heard about the establishment, she couldn’t believe what she was reading. Not only do they cater to those with such conditions, but the whole theme of the place is to make any and all feel welcome. In fact, they have an entire menu dedicated to those with an intolerance for gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, shellfish, seafood, etc. Isaac got to enjoy his first trip to a restaurant, and Lulu’s gave him the royal treatment.

This Made Isaac Estes’ Vacation All The More Special


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