Without Money To Treat This Little Boy’s Painfully Protruding Eyes, He Will Go Blind

Warning: The story contains images that may be disturbing and upsetting to some people.

There’s a song from the musical  that speaks volumes for the way things are today. In the lyric, the main sentiment suggested is that without cash, you have no place on the planet. “Money makes the world go round” the line states, and when you think about it, nothing could be closer to the truth. If you have wealth, you have power. You also have access, and ability and answers.

This Family Is Dealing With A Horrible Tragedy


But in the poorer parts of the globe, the opposite is true. Granted, without money, you can’t get the basics: Food. Housing. Clothing. Comfort. But there is a bigger problem, one that even a supposed superpower like the U.S. suffers from. There’s no question that services require payment, and when you don’t have it, you don’t get them. Take the world of health care. No dollars, and there’s no drugs. There’s no diagnosis. There’s really no option except, sadly, dying.

Their Child Is Suffering From A Mysterious Illness


There’s a little boy in India whose family understands this concept all too well. Jailian Kaipeng lives in constant pain, has eyes that are painfully protruding from his head, and, unfortunately, his family cannot afford to have him treated. His father is a laborer and, until recently, he made $2.29 a day. Yes, that decimal is in the right place. Most believe the boy suffers from a rare cancer, but there’s really no way of knowing.

And Without Money For Treatment, He Is Sure To Go Blind


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