How One Little Boy’s Therapy Dog Brought Him Back From The Brink Of Death

After a head-on collision left Caleb Howard, 6, teetering on the edge of death, his family feared the worst for their son. Suffering from a broken back and a traumatic brain injury, it looked as if their precious boy might not survive his injuries.

But when a hospital staff member suggested they try pet therapy, Caleb’s parents wanted to give their son every possible chance to live. So they introduced therapy dog Colonel to Caleb in hopes of a miracle.

Caleb Howard Was Involved In A Devastating Head-On Collision

His body was broken in several places.

The Impact Of The Crash Was So Intense

Millions of Caleb’s brain cells were killed.

His Father Ben Said Doctors Weren’t Sure If Caleb Would Make It

But Caleb’s family weren’t giving up on him yet.

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