Brain-Dead Woman Gives Birth To Baby After 6 Weeks On Life Support, Dies Shortly After

When high school sweethearts Dylan and Robyn Benson got married in July 2013, they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Hopeful for their future, when Robyn discovered they were expecting their first child, the happy couple were over the moon.

But tragedy unexpectedly derailed their plans when at 22 weeks pregnant, Robyn suffered a brain hemorrhage. When she woke up that morning, she complained of a terrible headache to her husband. When he returned after getting her some medication, she was unconscious on the bathroom floor.

Doctors said there wasn’t anything they could do to save Dylan’s wife, who was declared brain dead. In an attempt to save their unborn son, Robyn was kept alive on life support for another six weeks.

At 28 weeks, Iver was delivered premature – but healthy. But his birth would prove to be bittersweet because one day after he was born, his mother Robyn would be taken off of life support.


Dylan And Robyn Benson Were Childhood Sweethearts


They Were Each Other’s Soul Mates


When They Found Out They Were Expecting, They Were Over The Moon


But When Robyn Was Complaining Of An Intense Headache One Morning, The Unthinkable Happened


Robyn’s Brain Hemorrhaged When She Was 22-Weeks Pregnant, Leaving Her Brain Dead


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