She Thinks Her BF Is Only Getting A Makeover, But He Has A Better Idea

It goes without saying that we all enjoying doing special things for the people that we love. There’s something priceless about seeing someone’s face light up with joy when you’ve done something thoughtful for them.


So when one man got the chance to do something special for his long-time girlfriend. He quickly jumped at the opportunity.

Meet Brandon And Clara Belle


Although Brandon and Clara Belle have been dating for years – many people often give them funny looks due to their very different styles. While Clara Belle prefers the more glamorous side of things, Brandon is more of a t-shirt and jeans type of guy.

Opposites Attract


Although they’re both happy with each other’s appearances, they decided to let Rachel Ray give Brandon a makeover just for fun. But while Clara Belle thought they were only there to transform Brandon’s look, it appears that he had another surprise for her.

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