Brave Girl Springs Into Action And Saves Toddler From Being Abducted By Creepy Neighbor

Quick-thinking by one 12-year-old Wisconsin girl likely saved her four-year-old neighbor from being abducted and her hometown of Kenosha is hailing her as a hero because of her bravery.


Jada Miller and her friend, 13-year-old Trinity Stout watched as another neighbor grabbed the hand of little Caylee Carr and started walking down the street with her.


However, before Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee could get very far, Trinity ran to Caylee’s house to get her parents while Jada took matters into her own hands and chased down the man and four-year-old.


“I just ran after Caylee (because) I didn’t know what could have happened next if I wouldn’t have ran down there,” Jada said.

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