Brave Mom Battles Rare Condition That Covers Her Body With Bubble-Like Lesions

From the moment she wakes up in the morning to get her four children ready for school to the moment her head hits the pillow at bedtime, Rachael Reynolds is consumed with anxiety. Strangers on the street often make rude comments or whisper about the unusual condition that covers her body with hundreds of bubble-like skin lesions.

The hurtful words are painful to her, but she feels even more protective of her children who are wise beyond their years. They know that every mom is different; however they don’t understand why people have to pick on theirs.

Despite the fact that she suffers from public taunts on a daily basis, Rachael refuses to keep herself hidden from the public eye. She’s even reached out and connected with others who have the same rare condition and has started a Facebook group called Neurofibromatosis Our World to help others deal with the diagnosis.

Talk about turning a negative into a positive! What an inspiration she is!!

Rachael Suffers From A Condition Called Neurofibromatosis

She has anxiety on a daily basis because going out in public causes people to point and stare at her.

Although Symptoms Didn’t Show Up Until Her Teens…

Rachael inherited the genetic condition from her father.

Her Husband Mike Has Been A Wonderful Source Of Support

He’s her rock!

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