Two Brothers Fed Over 5,000 Meals To Hurricane Victims Without Saying A Word About It!

When tragic events hit communities, people’s true mettle is tested.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or manmade tragedy, people seem to come together to help their neighbors and even complete strangers.

Two brothers in Texas were no different after Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Phe Nguyen and Binh Nguyen, the owners of Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge in Port Arthur, TX immediately rushed to aid thousands by doing the one thing they knew they could do best: feeding them.

Phe and Binh served more than 5,000 free meals to hurricane victims in their community over a span of three days.

That in itself is remarkable but what they did next makes their incredible deed even more special.

The brothers did it without saying a word to their local media or even posting about it on social media; Phe, Binh, and their staff just quietly cooked and served meals.

Keith Nguyen simply wanted his dad and uncle to be recognized for their actions and never expected this…