Bruno The Dog Has Made Quite A Few Pals On His Daily 4 Mile Trek Into A Town Which Honors Him As The City Mascot!

It was just another day, 12 years ago, when someone stumbled upon the cutest little pup at the end of the the LaValle family’s driveway. The stranger took the fluffy pup to the front door where he learned that the dog did not in fact belong to the LaValle family – but of course they couldn’t turn him down.

After a few months, their new dog whom they named Bruno, couldn’t seem to sit still and was always wandering off, The Lavalle’s did everything they could to keep him on their property before they eventually accepted that their little fun-loving ball of fluff was made to roam free and make friends in the city!

Bruno Showed Up In Town 12 Years Ago And Made It His Home!

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One Thing Is For Sure, Bruno Gets His Daily Dose Of Exercise!

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Bruno makes trips to town almost daily. His travels add up to nearly four mile trek but Bruno doesn’t seem to mind a bit. He has made many a friend along the way and his sure to stop by and greet them as he prances about through town!

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