You Should Brush Your Teeth Before Bed – If You Don’t, Bad Things Can Happen

It’s the one ritual that even the youngest child is supposed to incorporate into their daily routine. While walking may still be a struggle, and that regular bedtime remains unconscionably early, applying brush to tooth is considered a first stage coming of age. From first thing in the morning right before hitting the sack, dentists and their hygienist helpers cannot stress the importance of getting those incisors, molars, et. al. nice and sparkly white.

Everyone Wants A Perfect Smile



And No One Wants A Mouth Full Of Plaque



Of course, we get all kinds of advice in the dental department. Some say, you gotta brush after every meal. Others stress the morning and night routine. Well now, researchers have confirmed at least one part of that oral cleaning regime. According to new reports, brushing your teeth before going to bed may be the most important thing one can do.

Experts Say You Should Brush Your Teeth Before Bed


You see, you spend all day with stuff going in and out of your mouth – food, drink, air, saliva, etc. – and where does most of it settle? Exactly. And if you don’t get rid of it, all kinds of nasty things can happen. That’s right, as you lay sleeping, those random bits of dinner, that soda you had during your nightly streaming schedule, that candy bar that called your name at midnight are all sitting on your teeth wrecking havoc.

It Will Help You Avoid Bad Breath In The AM



And An Unexpected Trip To The Dentist Later On



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