BEWARE: This New Bug Threat Is Killing Hundreds Of Dogs And Children

It’s incredible rare here in the US. In the rest of the world, not so much so. It’s called Chagas Disease and, so far, it’s killed more than 400 dogs in Texas alone. While that is alarming in and of itself, the cause it what’s making many people in the state and around the rest of the country nervous. It’s a tiny bug, sometimes referred to as the kissing bug, But elsewhere, it has a far more ominous label – the ASSASSIN bug.

This Is The Assassin Bug


Attracted the moisture around an animal’s eyes and mouth, the insect’s feces contains a parasite known as Trypanosoma Cruzi. It in turn causes American Trypanosomiasis, otherwise known as Chagas Disease. It is known as a silent killer since many of the symptoms don’t turn up until its far too late. And the scariest thing about it is, children are at risk as well. Yes, children. While developing complications from an Assassin bug bite is much more uncommon in humans, it can happen.

This Is It’s Infection Cycle


For those who are curious about what the bug looks like, there are images in this story. It’s also important to know where they live. Many Assassin bugs can be found in wooded areas, under porches, in the cracks of walls, under rocks, and under cement. They are now in every Southern state in the US and rapidly spreading to the Midwest.

And This Is It’s Primary Target


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