At Two, She Had Burns Over 90% OF Her Body – See How She’s Coping Today At Age 16

It’s known as the Baux Score. Originally, it consisted of two numbers – the age of a patient, and the percentage of their body that was severely burned. Indeed, when any victim of a fire or other conflagration was brought into the ER, the score was tabulated. The close to 100 you got, the greater likelihood you would not survive.

This Is How Fire Destroys A Building

house fire 3


And This Is How It Destroys A Human Being



Recently, the Score has been modified to take into consideration two additional factors – the percentage of smoke or debris inhalation, and the performance of other patients with the same conditions and factors, have increased the number to 140. Again, the closer you are to it, the chances of survival severely decrease.

Some Victims Never Get Over The Trauma



When she was two, Terri Calvesbert was burned in a house fire. The damage destroyed over 90% of her body. She had no face, no hands, no recognizable features. Rescuers said she looked like a little burned up doll. Now 16, the young woman continues to face complications both medical and social from her condition. At 92, her number was close to the original 100. She’s proven the experts wrong.

This Was Terri As A Child



And Here She Is Today



Yet Terri’s Life Isn’t All Hearts And Flowers – Continue On To See What We Mean