A Woman In China Has A Face That Has Swollen To Twice Its Normal Size

They live in the shadows. They hide from society…and with good reason. No matter how enlightened or progressive we think we are, there are still people and circumstances that bring out the worst in us. Back in the day, some thought it perfectly okay to take the disabled and those with special needs and put them on display. They’d call these horrible attractions “freak shows” or “cavalcades of human oddities.” Sickening.

This Poor Woman


But in the rest of the world, such stigmas still exist. Braced by tradition and folklore, and a healthy dose of superstition, families have to shield their relatives from the prying eyes and bullying disbelief of the local rabble. Now, most people don’t mean to be cruel. They just have a hard time processing the problems – mental and physical – separating us. and react in an uneducated and indifferent manner. This is the case with a woman in China who has a very rare form of cancer.

She Has To Hide From The Stares And Jeers


As with most stories like this, neither she nor her family have the money to get proper medical treatment. As a result, her condition has caused her face to expand to almost twice its normal size. Even worse, her tongue and throat are also swollen, making talking and eating difficult. Without a proper medical diagnosis, many have had to speculate over her issue. Many believe she is suffering from neuroblastoma, with the cancer settling in her adrenal glands, causing them to inflate.

And She Doesn’t Have The Money For Treatment


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