She Thought It Was Just A Pimple, Then Cancer Nearly Destroyed Her Face

Pimples. Blemishes. Zits. Spots. We call them by different names, but the result is the same. Everyone battles acne at one time or another. It’s part of the process of growing up, our biological changes having actual effects on our mind and bodies. Of course, we can miss more dangerous signs when it comes to our skin. Not every mark is a white head or blackhead. In fact, they could be something deadly.

This Was Marisha Before Cancer


When Marisha Dotson showed up to a local health service with something on the end of her nose, the staff there dismissed it as a mere pimple. They sent her home, telling her to treat it like you would any other acne. But when the bump got bigger, and she started feeling bad, she sought the advice of a dermatologist. It was there where she got the devastating news. Marisha had an aggressive form of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma.

And This Was Her Afterward


Immediately rushed to the hospital, a 15 hour operation resulted in the 28-year-old losing most of her nose Surgeons also discovered that the disease has spread. In the end, she lost two-thirds of her nose. She underwent a complicated reconstruction procedure to give her back her face. Then more cancer cells appeared. On her cheek. On her newly recreated nose. Marisha was devastated, but she was also determined to fight.

Now She Has To Wear A Prosthetic To Eat And Talk


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