There’s A New Board Game That’s Basically ‘Cards Against Humanity’ For Parents!

Thankfully, even though video game popularity continues to soar, there’s still a market for the good ol’ board game.

The holidays are right around the corner and if you’re a parent, there’s a new board game just for you.


Now, you’re probably content with Apples To Apples or Battle of the Sexes, but this new one should grab your attention.

It’s called KinderPerfect and it’s basically Cards Against Humanity for parents.


If you’re not familiar with Cards Against Humanity for whatever reason, it’s a simple game usually played at parties where one person reads a question from a black card like “If it weren’t for me you wouldn’t even be talking about _____” then the other players have to put down their funniest white card that would correspond for an answer like “Grandma” or “Small hands.”


It’s pretty silly and at times cringe-worthy, but it’s always fun.

KinderPerfect is the same concept, just geared toward parents.

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