Carrie Underwood Breaks Down During Tribute To Las Vegas Victims At CMA Awards

Nov. 8th marked the 51st annual CMA Awards and for the tenth time, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were the event’s hosts.

Over the last decade, the duo has given some memorable moments but Wednesday night belonged to Underwood.

Like fans have come to expect, there was the back-and-forth banter, little skits, and amusing ditties in their opening monologue but the highlight of their 10th opener together was their politically-charged parody of Underwood’s massive 2005 hit “Before He Cheats,” “Before He Tweets.”

As you can guess, it’s about President Trump’s affinity for early-morning tweeting.

But then things got a somber later in the broadcast and Underwood stole the spotlight and hearts of Americans across the country with her solo performance.

When Underwood was announced as one of the scheduled performers, no one knew quite what to expect. The songstress hasn’t released a new single since “The Fighter,” a duet with Keith Urban last year.

Her co-host Paisley knew what to expect, however, and shared a few days before the airing that Underwood’s performance would be the highlight of this year’s CMA Awards.

He wasn’t wrong.

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