Black Cat With Rare Vitiligo-Like Skin Condition Is Basically Feline Royalty

When David first laid eyes on Scrappy, he just knew he had to adopt him. The adorable black cat wasted no time stealing David’s heart with his spunky personality.

In an interview with MeowBox, David said: “Scrappy was sitting on his own and, though he was cute, we didn’t think others would regard him to be as cute as his siblings. I made the decision to take Scrappy as I knew he would be the last one to be taken, if at all.”

As time passed, David noticed something special was happening to his glossy black feline’s fur. By the time Scrappy turned seven, white bits of fur began to invade his all black coat and he slowly began transforming into a mottled “Nordic God.”

As it turns out, Scrappy, 19, has a very rare disease called vitiligo, an unpredictable skin condition that affects the pigment in skin. The loss of color on his skin is why his coat has changed from all black to black and white.

Although his coat looks unusual, David says there is nothing different about Scrappy’s personality. He is still the same affectionately grumpy cat he’s always been! His owner says he’s not exactly photogenic, but when you see the photos of this adorable kitty below, we think you might happily disagree.

Scrappy Is Taking The Internet By Storm With His Unusual Look


When His Owner First Met Him In 1997…


Scrappy’s Coat Was All-Black


But By The Time He Turned Seven…


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