They Don’t Call Them ‘Coiff-furs’ For Nothing: Check Out These Cats In ‘Hats’

It’s one of Dr. Seuss’s most popular character. It may just supplant Sam, The Grinch, and of course, Horton. Ask any little kid and they will tell you – The Cat In the Hat is where it’s at. From his original storybook adventures to the different versions that came with a hit Broadway show and a PBS series, that frisky feline is a staple of the nursery since it was first published back in 1957. Of course, he’s an anthropomorphic version of a four-footed friend, and his attitude is a bit anarchic, but for the most part, he’s the only animal who is known for his unique head wear.

Until now…say Hello to a whole new selection of cats in hats. In this case, Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki decided to collect all the hair his three furry BFFs shed and turned it into a fashion statement. A few clicks of the camera and – BOOM! – we have a gallery of goofy pets who are killin’ it with their wonderful whiskered ways. Of course, the hats are not 100% couture. Indeed, there’s a couple that may remind you of a certain Leader of the Free World. Still, cats in hats rule. Seuss knew it. Now you know it too.

The Garden Gnomes Have Nothing On Us


Making The Litter Box Great Again


Nothing Wrong With A Few More Ears


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