Woman Travels The World And Offers Her Chalkboard Leg As A Guide

They say that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or something like that. It’s called making due, or making the best of a bad situation. Or something like that. We all face obstacles and roadblocks in our lives. Some are substantial and almost impossible to overcome (or at least, they feel that way). Others are minor but still cause a great deal of struggle and strife. So to find a way around such caustic circumstances, or to learn to deal and cope and, perhaps, even find strength and empowerment from it is the true sign of a survivor. Even better, by taking such control, you end up winning, even when others feel you can’t.

She lives in the USA (Philadelphia) and goes by the Reddit user name “devgal” and when she was born, a congenital bone disease came along for the ride. It required the gal to have her leg amputated when she was just four. Since then, she’s used a prosthetic to get around, and when the chance came to travel Europe, she got a terrific idea. To mark the arrival in each new country, devgal sprayed her artificial leg with chalkboard paint and turned it into a walking sign of where she was. A little brightly colored chalk later and each picture presents a new perspective, and a new location label. Talk about turning lemons into something special. She’s done that – and much, much more.

Starting Off

Home sweet home.

Hitting A Pub

This Irish band gets it.

What A Beautiful Backdrop

As pretty as the subject in the photo.

What A View

The Emerald Isle looks incredible.

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