Even With A Body Broken By Chemotherapy, This Little Warrior Will Be Your Monday Motivation

Motivation is a unique concept. You would think that we all have it, and yet it seems hard to come by most times. Sure, we can be lazy, or procrastinate until the last minute, but when you consider the wonders the world has to offer and the challenges it provides, you’d certainly feel compelled to do your best to take on those tests and do your best to overcome.

We Can Be Very Lazy Sometimes



And Life Can Be Very Hard



This is especially true for those individuals battling a terminal disease. Cancer may seem survivable, and it is, but not without a great deal of sacrifice and a whole lot of strength. But you also need gumption, the desire to see yourself defeating this physical obstacle and showing the illness who’s the boss.

Colin Dunlap Understands The Need For Motivation First Hand



Now imagine having to take all this on…as a child. New to the world, wondering what all these medical and technical treatments are, body constantly broken by the radiation and chemotherapy required to give you a fighting chance. For a father like Colin Dunlap, it breaks his heart to watch his baby girl struggle so. But in a video that will make you question your own commitment, this child ends up a hero.

His Daughter Is Battling Cancer



And This Little Warrior Can Inspire Us All



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