Classmate Proposes To Girl At School, But When Her Dad Sees The Ring, His Can’t Believe It!

When little Millie came running home to tell her family the news that day, she was so excited she could hardly stand it! Her sweet pal Tommy had taken a leap of faith and proposed to his darling sweetheart at school.

Never mind the fact that Millie and Tommy are in grade school.

Her parents were so entertained by the whole event that they decided to record it for all to see. Millie’s father said: “So Tommy’s proposed to Millie and she keeps telling us she’s got a ring in her bag.” Mom and dad thought the ring would be something like a Ring Pop or a plastic ring from a gumball machine.

Nothing prepared them for the moment that Millie revealed the ring Tommy gave to her. She plucked the ring from her backpack and dashed back into the living room with it. When she showed it to her parents, they burst out laughing.

In fact, her mom couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the beautiful bauble. It was Tommy’s mother’s actual engagement ring. With not one. Not two. But three huge diamonds.

Apparently Tommy had stolen his mother’s ring to give it to his sweetheart Millie. Every girl dreams of being proposed to in a romantic way, but when it’s your future-mother-in-law’s ring? Maybe not.

After a good chuckle, the family happily returned the ring back to Tommy’s mom.

Millie Couldn’t Wait To Tell Her Family The News!

Her Pal Tommy Proposed To Her At School

He Even Gave Her A Ring

But When She Showed It To Her Dad And Mom…

They Couldn’t Stop Laughing When They Realized It Was Real


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