This Company Transforms Your Kids’ Drawings Into Wearable Art!

Jaimee Newberry, mother of two, noticed a rainbow-inspired dress that her daughter drew one afternoon and decided to recreate her masterpiece by sewing her a dress to match her brilliant design. It was all uphill from there when Newberry got the bright idea to continue crafting cool threads out of children’s artwork.

It’s just dresses for now from the innovative company called Picture This but of course parents all over the map are hoping for more options soon. Jaimee created a website that provides a printable template. If a child would like to design their own original piece of clothing they just take the template, some crayons and a little imagination to the drawing board and go nuts!

Voila! Just like that, once the artwork is complete and sent back to Jaimee’s cool company the dress is printed with the child’s authentic masterpiece and mailed to the creator! Check out a few cool designs in the gallery below and let your kids craft up something cool to rock this year at school!

With Picture This, Kids Can Create Cool Dresses!


The Original Inspiration For This Innovative Company!


Download, Print, And Make Magic Happen!


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