Two Dozen Endangered Cockatoos Are Found Suffocating Inside Plastic Bottles

They argue that it’s just a case of supply and demand. Others point to a desperate populace with limited financial options doing what they can to survive. And yet there are others who denounce such rationalizations for the reality of what is going on – smugglers are swiping rare and often endangered animals out of their natural habitats and trying to take them across international borders.

They Are Beautiful Birds


And the ways they go about it – no ASPCA approved means of making said creatures comfortable or safe. As patrol agents get wiser and wiser to the ways of these criminals, many are trying to up their stealth game. We are sure some succeed, but in the case of the story you see here, one bad guy went about his crime in a very cruel way. Thankfully, he was caught, and his cargo was spared a horrifying fate.

But They Are Almost Extinct


Over in Indonesia, the yellow crested cockatoo is a much sought after avian. It’s a popular pet, as well as being wanted for other, less savory reasons. In any case, criminals are known to transport this precious cargo in any manner they can, as long as they can get by the police. In the case of the images you see here and the video on the next page, the preferred method of transport was plastic water bottles. Of course, the big question is – how did the birds get in there.

And This Is The Reason Why


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