They Were Born With An Unusual Condition, But These Special Glasses Help Them See The World Differently

More men than women are affected by it. Only about five percent of the entire world are known to have the condition, usually caused by a lack of development in certain retinal cones. It’s usually chromosomal, but can come about by damage to the eye or the brain. Indeed, color blindness is a mild disability, and relatively rare, but it doesn’t mean that those affected by it are any less limited. The inability to differentiate between different tints and hues is part of life’s rich pageant, and not being able to enjoy all that nature and man have to offer is disappointing to say the very least.

Want proof? Check out the reaction that these two brothers have when they finally get to truly see what they’ve been missing all these years. Both Jimmy and Jace were born colorblind, which is not unusual for siblings in the same family. Desperate to help them see “normally,” their parents bought a pair of the latest technological breakthrough – EnChroma glasses. Claiming to allow those with the condition to see just like others do, the boys were filled trying them on for the first time. Their honest reaction is enough to break your heart. See it below.

The Scientific Breakthrough That Makes Such A Situation Possible



Amazing, right? Just the fact that there is a product available that is capable of turning the monochrome into Technicolor is stunning enough. That these boy literally cry upon seeing the world the way most of us do is the icing on this inspirational cake. They are genuine tears of joy, unaltered by cynicism. It’s the kind of expression of emotion that really lifts the soul. While the boys were burdened by such visual boundaries before, this new advance will give them what they’ve always longed for – a true vision of reality.

Get Ready To Get Out The Handkerchiefs

This Little Boy Is Seeing Nature For The First Time

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