Cop Sees Baby In Hot Car, Rushes To Help, And Gets A Surprise Instead

We here so much about it these days. As the thermometer reaches higher and higher numbers, the warnings become more and more pronounced. By now, everyone should know the danger, and the drill, by heart. When the Summer sun in beating down and temperatures are scorching, you can’t leave animals or children in hot cars. Can’t happen. Shouldn’t happen. And now we have laws allowing everyday people to react should they find themselves starring at a baby or a puppy suffering in the sweltering heat.

Lt. Jason Short Was Just Doing His Job


So when Lt. Jason Short got a 911 call about a potential dangerous situation involving an infant and a locked vehicle, he sprung into action. Even in the Northeast – New Hampshire – the weather suggested something horrible was about to happen, so he put all his police training into play as he rushed to the parking lot to see what was happening. As he approached the car, he could sense the need for an intervention. Then he saw it, and his heart sank.

He Didn’t Want Another Child To Die In A Hot Car


There was a tiny figure in a car seat, covered with a blanket. Little feet were visible and the skin overall appeared red and blotchy. With 90 degree plus conditions and no windows opened or cracked, Officer Short sprang into action. He immediately grabbed a tool and broke the window. He then reached in and rescued the motionless infant. We he prepared to perform CPR and waited for the ambulance to arrive, the reality of what was going on finally hit him. Things were definitely not what they seemed…

But This Woman Had A Surprise For Him


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