A Cop Thinks An Autistic Teen Is On Drugs, And His Actions Left The Family In Tears

Every day, being a police officer brings conflict and complex criminal issues. Not everyone respects law enforcement, and at times they’ve taken a reciprocal approach to the public. No matter the situation or the circumstances, officers have to make snap judgments. Usually, they are correct. When they aren’t, that’s when the media makes us aware.

The Police Deal With Obstacles And Conflict On A Daily Basis


Here’s one of those sickening misunderstandings. It centers on a current contemporary concern – children with autism – and shines a spotlight on the need for more training and better understanding by those in uniform. When Connor Leibel visited a park near his home, he couldn’t imagine the result would be a case of police brutality. According to his mother, Danielle, that’s exactly what happened.

Most Of The Time, They Do A Good Job


The boy, who is on the spectrum, was stimming himself when approached by a member of the Buckeye Police Department. The boy was playing with string – stimming – which he used to keep himself calm and focused. The cop, on the other hand, was suspicious. The park was a place where drugs were a major problem, and the officer clearly mistook Connor for a user. When asked if he had ID, the boy said “No.” From there, things escalated quickly.

With This Teen, They Took Things Too Far


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