It Only Cost Her $13 – And Now She’s Found This Ring Is Worth A Small Fortune

Blame the British. They create TV shows with premises so intriguing that the US just can’t help but borrow from them. When it appeared on screens across the UK in 1977 (as a documentary), it became an instant sensation, people scouring their attics and basements for possible treasure. Naturally, many found out some interesting information about that supposed family heirloom, but others walked away with pound notes dancing in their brains.

Programs Like Antiques Roadshow Make It Very Clear


The US adopted the format in 1997 (it only took 20 years to catch on) and since then, they’ve also had their fair share of shock and awe. Millions of dollars in items have been uncovered and appraised, with the occasional disappointment playing games with the visitor’s monetary dreams. Most of the items have been passed down through the generations. Others, like the one here, were flea market or thrift shop finds that ended up paying off in unexpected ways.

One Person’s Trash Can Be Another’s Treasure


A woman over in London went to a car boot sale and saw what she thought was a piece of costume jewelry. She loved the ring so much that she just had to have it. The cost? A whopping $13 US. So she bought it and started wearing it. For over 30 years she enjoyed showing off her find to friends and family. Then, on a whim, she took it to a place to be appraised. It was there where she learned the incredible truth about her trinket.

She Paid $13 For This – And Now It’s Worth…


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