With Only $10 To Spend, Couple’s Hilarious Goodwill Trip Makes For Memorable Date

It’s the new ritual of the post-modern marrieds. Back in the day, when mom stayed home with the kids while dad toddled off to work, it was reserved for something very special indeed. Maybe a particular act was playing at a local night club, or the adults needed some time alone from the prattling blather of their brat…sorry, amazing children. Now, it’s a necessary evil of maintaining your marital status. Partners want to be appreciated once in a while, and what better way to do that than with a date night.

Say Hello To Noel And Shane


Now, some people go overboard, treated said evening on the town into something akin to a second honeymoon. Granted, the more over the top and ornate, the more memorable the experience. But sometime, it’s the simple things that garner the greatest results. A single red rose. A trip to a place from the past. Or in the case of Shane and Noel Pauley, taking their weekly night out and turning it into part budget fashion show, part thrift store find.

They Decided To Let Goodwill “Design” Their Date Night


Here’s what we’re talking about. The duo decided to spice things up a bit, so they grabbed $10 and took a trip to Goodwill. The plan? Pick out clothes for each other to wear for their next date. The stranger, weirder, and more dated, the better. With $20 to spend, that should be simple. Well, they ended up only spending $13 and came up with something that’s both comical and cute, tacky but oh so terrific. They even changed their name to reflect their outfits. Noel became “Ethel,” while Shane became “Roger.”

Their Efforts Brought A Smile To So Many Faces


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