When They Saw This Soldier And His Broken Down Car, One Family Decided To Act

There’s an old saying that should provide some perspective in these days of division and human cruelty. It’s a bit old fashioned, but sometimes, the past ways are the best. The phrase goes a little something like this – “I used to feel sorry for a man who had no shoes until I saw someone without any feet.” The meaning is clear – don’t complain about things you don’t have…someone out there has it worse. Sometimes, much, much worse.

Annette And Ryan Vaughn Hated Their Own Car


Annette and Ryan Vaughn hated their car. It was a broken down hunk of junk that was constantly giving them problems. Of course, said issues could be fixed with a bit of cash (or a trip to the dealership for something else), but money was tight. So as they drove around, embarrassed by their ride, they had to stop and pause for a moment. Something they saw made them realize that, for all their complaining, some people had bigger if similar problems to contend with.

Until They Saw A Soldier Dealing With His


Stopping by their local service station, they saw a soldier dealing with the engine in what could best be described as a wreck. In full uniform, and frantically trying to get his engine to go, the couple got an idea. Why not try and help this poor (and we emphasize the word “poor”) serviceman? Instead of showing their own lack of mechanical skill, their plan was better – post a picture of him on social media and see how people would respond to a call for financial help.

So They Decided To Do Something About It


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