VIDEO: Watch As A Cow Rides Down A Busy Highway On Top Of A Truck

It’s time for another installment of that always fun “Now There’s Something You Don’t See Every Day.” It’s a game that doesn’t come around that often, but when it does, it usually produces a pile of smiles. More times than not, it’s human beings who are doing the dumb things that make us giggle or guffaw. In instances like the one we are dealing with today, it’s an animal that’s making our day a little more delightful.

A Bear In A Swimming Pool


Down under in Australia, a couple of buddies were cruising down the highway outside of Melbourne, when they stumbled upon a shocking sight. There, in a shipping truck, rambling down the road, was a cow. Now, that’s not so strange. After all, livestock are moved as freight all the time. You are bound to see pigs packed in like sardines, chickens flying the coop, and horses heading toward a rodeo or round-up. What you don’t see is a cow jumping over the moon, or in this case, out of the top of a rig.

A Horse Drawn Child’s Toy


That’s right – as the video included with this story illustrates, these Oz dudes stumbled upon a steer trying to make a break for it. Somehow, it got out of the herd, climbed up on a willing accomplice’s back, and thought they could escape out the top. All the animal managed to accomplish was a spectacle, and a bit of suspense as the vehicle made its way underneath street signs and under overpasses.

Just A Few Of The Things You Don’t Usually See Every Day


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