Here’s Why You Need To Throw Out Your Watermelon If You See Cracks In It

As the long lazy days of Summer start to wind down, as we swelter in the heat of another blistering day in hopes of seeing the cooling breezes of Fall, our minds turn to the treats we enjoy during May through August and how much we will miss them come Winter. Take the wonderful watermelon. No picnic outing would be complete without the familiar red and green delight, and foodies have found a way to include this amazing melon in salads, smoothies, and the occasional savory dish.

It’s The Summer Treat We All Love To Eat


Over the years, the watermelon earned a reputation for being a delicious dessert, if you could get around the abundance of seeds inside it. Now, through selective cross-breeding and chemical manipulation, we can now enjoy an entire event without a single pit. But all this science comes at a price, as farmers in China have recently learned.

But Not Everyone Watermelon Is Worthy Of Your Picnic


Over in the East, farmers have been using a fertilizer to increase the size of each melon, thereby increasing profits. No one considered the side effects, however, and now the truth is starting to come out. The product goes by the name forchlorfenuron and, at first, growers noticed cracks in the watermelons and an abundance of white seeds. While China may not think much of the problem, the US has a decidedly different take.

In Fact, You Should Avoid These At All Costs


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