Dad Reveals Daughter’s Surprise 16th Birthday Gift Underneath Tarp – But It’s Not What She Thinks

Sixteenth birthdays are rites of passages for all teenagers. It usually marks the beginning of learning how to drive a car or a boat. While not everyone is lucky enough to afford to be given a car or a boat to celebrate such an incredible milestone, one can still dream, right?

16th Birthdays Are Cause For Celebration

For one dad and his daughter, kicking off her birthday was a family affair. So when he told her to put on a blindfold and helped guide her to her suspicious looking covered present, the excitement she felt in anticipation was evident.

Every Teen Dreams Of Getting A New Car For Their 16th Birthday

“Darling, this is for you,” the dad said. “Cause you’ve been such a good girl…We though you’d need your own car.”

At Least She Had A Sense Of Humor About Her Dad’s Funny Gift

The girl’s blindfold was removed and as her mom continued to record the big gift unveiling, she appeared to know something silly was about to happen. And based on her roaring laughter, we think she’s a pretty good sport.

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