Baby Elephant Can’t Beat The Dallas Heat – So Zookeepers Threw A Summer Pool Bash!

Dallas gets hot. Like, as hot as the drought-stricken plains of Swaziland, Africa. Even when you’re a pachyderm hailing from the savanna, where temperatures can hover on around 90°F for months, you’ve got to find some way to beat the heat.

Elephants have a few methods; like a good roll in the mud or a trip under a shady tree. But an elephant’s first choice for cooling down is a lot like any of us during the dog days of summer. We hit the pool and let the water do the work!

Unfortunately for all the elephants out there, humans have a thing for keeping our swimming water as clean as can be. That usually means no animals in the pool, but that’s not the case at the Dallas Zoo. It’s a ritual to treat the animals during the hot summer months, and there’s no better treat for a baby elephant than her very own kiddie pool.

The Dallas Zoo Knows How To Throw A Pool Party!

dallas elephant in a pool

Zookeepers turned on the taps to bring some summer splashes into the elephant enclosure, and the littlest calf was loving every minute of it. At just 2-months-old, the Ellie can expect to outgrow her little pool in a matter of months. However, staff at the Dallas Zoo say the pool parties are here to stay. They just need to find a pool big enough!