She Was Told She HAD To Remove Her Birthmark, Instead She Did Something Way More Inspiring

In the world of entertainment, it helps to stand out. From a different approach to a different look, every wannabe star is looking for that angle that will help differentiate them from the rest of the pack. Sometimes, no gimmick is required. Talent takes precedence and with it come the trappings of celebrity. In other instances, however, being usual can bear the fruits of fame. From the plus-size model to the singer or stand-up with special needs, standing outside the norm can be one’s calling card to a career beyond the pale and directly into the limelight.

Cassandra Naud knows this all too well. She was born with a massive birthmark under her right eye. For years, doctors and other medical staff have stated that, for the sake of her appearance, she should have the large brownish object removed. But in a defiant stance against the mainstream, Cassandra has declined to do so. As a matter of fact, she embraces her birthmark as the thing that makes her unique – and it’s working. An up and coming model and modern dancer, this young woman owns her looks, and as a result, her celebrity. And

This Is Cassandra Naud


She’s A Model And A Dancer


She’s Loved By Her Family


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