Parents Discover 6-Year-Old Daughter’s Hidden Love Notes After She Dies From Cancer

At the tender young age of five, Elena Desserich’s family’s lives came crumbling down after their daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Just 137 days after being diagnosed with the devastating disease, the brave little girl lost her battle with cancer.

Keith Desserich With Daughter Elena

Her parents Keith and Brooke, along with sister Gracie, were heartbroken. They didn’t know how they could go on without their sweet Elena by their side. A few days after her passing, though, it would be their discovery of a few hidden notes that would end up helping them with their grief.

Brooke And Keith Were Touched When They Found Elena’s Hidden Notes After Her Passing

“I think the notes were her way of telling us that everything would be OK,” said Brooke to the Daily Mail.  “It feels like a hug from her every time we find one.”

Elena Wanted To Make Sure Her Family Knew How Much She Loved Them

Her little love notes, often depicting hearts and hugs and kisses, were found all over the family home.

Her Little Notes Were Sweet Reminders For Her Family

From the inside of Christmas box decorations to briefcases to tucked in between books, there were so many tiny notes left for her family that filled up three huge boxes with them.

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