This Dog Was Deaf, And Hard To Adopt Out…Until She Walked In, That Is

Not every story about a stray animal can have a happy ending. Just head over to your Facebook feed and see the hundreds of hurt and hungry creatures that are looking for a little love. Many want a friendly forever home. Others just want to make it to the next day. All should have been treated better, but as humans, are flaw is to look for perfection, instead of simply companionship.

There Are Hundreds Of Them Out There



Stray Animals Desperate For A Home



When Rosie arrived at a local shelter, the staff knew she would be a difficult adoption. She was in pretty bad shape, meaning her recovery would take time. Worse still, she was more or less non-responsible. They would call her and she would ignore them. They tried to work with her and found her obstinate. Considering that Rosie was a pitbull (another nonsensical negative in people’s minds), her attitude was another negative.

Rosie Was One Of Them



Then the truth came out. Rosie was deaf. She was ignoring people because she could not hear them. One staff member who knew sign language decided to train the pup to recognize the unspoken style of communication. Before they knew it, Rosie was reacting like a regular dog. Still, the stigma of being a special needs adoption put the pooch in a precarious situation. She needed a miracle if she was going to be adopted – and then one walked into the door.

She Is Deaf



But That Doesn’t Stop Her From Being A Good Dog



What Happened? Continue On To See Rosie’s Salvation