Singer On ‘AGT’ Leaves Judges Speechless When They Find Out Why She’s Not Wearing Shoes

Sometimes you come across someone in life who is so talented it just blows you away.

Maybe they’re so smart you’re left in awe of their knowledge. Maybe they can draw or paint images so breathtaking you feel as if you’re looking at a photograph, not canvas.


Maybe, they sing so beautifully, you’re left with chills.

That is what Mandy Harvey did when she appeared on season 12 of America’s Got Talent.


The premise of the NBC hit is given away in the title. It’s a talent competition to find the most unbelievable acts of talent across the country. The winner receives a $1 million cash prize and a headlining gig in Las Vegas.


Mandy didn’t win; she finished in fourth place.

But none of that matters, because it’s Mandy’s story that makes her a champion – an incredibly talented one!

Head over to the next page to watch how Mandy sings…Will you be as blown away as the judges were?