94-Year-Old Suffering From Dementia Is Only Comforted By This Doll She Thinks Is Real

As we grow older, our bodies change and for some of us, our minds do too.

For the lucky ones, they stay as active as possible and their minds stay sharp. Others aren’t as fortunate and both their bodies and minds begin to deteriorate.

It’s incredibly hard for a child or grandchild to watch old age take its toll on our loved ones.


94-year-old Jessie was diagnosed with dementia five years ago but over the last 24 months her body and mind have rapidly deteriorated and it’s breaking her children’s hearts.

“It just left us devastated that this could happen to our mom,” her daughter Sandra said.


Like many who suffer from dementia, Jessie began exhibiting strange behavior.

“She started doing the odd thing like going into the garden in the middle of the night to move around the garden furniture,” Sandra said. “She’d try to cook her chips in washing-up liquid. She’d turn the fridge-freezer off and different things like that.”


So Sandra and her siblings made the tough decision to put Jessie in a home. The hardest part for Sandra was watching the light leave her mother’s eyes.

Jessie would even ask her children when she could leave when they went to visit her.

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