Here’s An Update On The Pup Covered In Glue – The People Who Did It Thought It Was ‘Fun’

It takes a certain kind of evil to strike out at a poor, defenseless animal. We like to think that such a level of human depravity is rare, an aberration in the otherwise solid social fabric of our planet. Sadly, the shelters and animal control agents spin a decidedly different story.

This Is How The Shelter Found Pascal – Covered In Glue, Mud, And Gunk



They Weren’t Sure If He Would Survive



Animals are abandoned, sometimes in the middle of the road. Others are tossed into lakes, rivers, and other waterways with the hope that they will drown. Dogs are shot with arrows and cats endure “target practice” via slingshot and BB guns. We like to believe such incidents are rare, but it seems like, every time we tap into social media, another poor creature is suffering.

The Staff Is Slowly Shaving Off All The Fur And Debris



Pascal, from the nation of Turkey, is one such example. Apparently, over there, kids find it funny to dump a pot of glue all over a dog’s furry body, and then drag the poor pup through the mud. The result? A coat so caked with ersatz concrete that it turns the stray into a statue. Thankfully, a shelter came across the animal as it was being turned in to authorities. But Pascal’s struggles were far from over.

This Face Says It All



Who Could Be So Heartless As To Do This To An Animal?



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