This Dog Discovered Something Unconscionable In The Woods – And Now He’s A Hero

It’s almost too awful to imagine. The very thought of it inspires all kinds of horrific explanations. Still, we have to wrap our heads around the fact that someone actually got so desperate that they did this, and that we are lucky that our four-footed friends are in touch with sights, and sounds, and smells, that we might not otherwise be.

He’s A Good Dog


Over in China, a woman named Jilali was letting her trusty dog out for a walk when the pup started acting odd. He rushed over to a bunch of bushes and just stood there, motionless. Then, all of a sudden, he started digging. In the dirt. Jilali went to see what was going on, and it was then that she heard it to. The plaintive cries. The tiny voice. The baby THAT HAD BEEN BURIED ALIVE.

He Did Something Amazing


You read that correctly – someone had taken their newborn child and tried to dispose of it. It turned out this one month old baby boy had been abandoned, and when he was taken to a local clinic, the doctors were concerned. He was in pretty bad shape and was suffering from an illness. He was rushed to a big city hospital, but his prognosis remains guarded.

And This Baby Can Thank Him For That


There’s May Be An Explanation For This – Continue On To See What It Is