This Little Pup Was Barely Alive, With A Hole In Its Head And Dozens Of Pellet Gun Wounds

People can be so cruel. While some like the believe such inhumanity is not “natural,” the frequency in which it occurs sure makes it seem like it is. Apparently, some people see the vulnerable and innocent as targets, taking advantage of them, and in some cases, using them in brutal and abusive ways.

Poor Little Bondok


This is especially true of stray animals. People assume that, because they were abandoned by their owners or simply part of the landscape, they are up for grabs. Even more concerning is the amount of horror they will visit on these poor dogs and cats. From arrows through the neck to much, much worse, these creatures never deserve what they get, and their stories are beyond sad.

She Was Found With A Hole In Her Head


Take what happened in Lebanon recently. That war torn country has seen its fair share of tragedy, but when two women came across a seemingly friendly pup one day, they couldn’t imagine what they would discover. The female dog seemed to have a large hole in her head, and she was clearly suffering. When taken to a vet, they learned the disgusting truth. Someone had used her as a pellet gun target, emptying dozens of rounds into her skull.

And She Was Shot With Dozens Of Pellets From A Pellet Gun


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