Stray Dog Found A Forever Home After Soldier Was Reunited With His Furry Friend

The power of friendship can get you through anything, even when that friendship is with an animal.

Sometimes, especially when it’s a bond with an animal.


Former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch knows this all too well.

While Wyrsch and his unit were serving in Iraq along Kurdish forces, a stray dog wandered onto an Army base near Kirkuk where Wyrsch and his squad were based.


The beautiful, sweet dog became a morale booster for the troops and Wyrsch took it upon himself to care for the pup, who he named Ollie.

It turned out that Ollie took care of Wyrsch, too.


The two became inseparable and when it was time for Wyrsch to leave Iraq and head home to the San Francisco Bay Area, he feared leaving Ollie behind would cause the dog to be mistreated or even killed.

He knew he had to do something, so he reached out to the SPCA.

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