Puppy Plus Pool Minus Water Equals Your Big Time Belly Laugh For The Day

It’s July, and you know what that means. Yes, the Fourth, and about another six weeks before you even have to start thinking about school. But the real action is outside. Just step into the light for a moment and see what we mean. Yes, it’s HOT. Insufferably hot. Surface of the sun hot. Who cares what they say about it politically, it sure feels like global WARMING is a problem (ok, ok, so they call it “climate change” now – whatever…it’s HOT!!!).

Sure AC is fine, and a nice shady tree can solve your heat stroke problems temporarily, but what really gets the body cooling is a swimming pool – a nice, blue manmade lagoon just ready to reduce your body temperature and make the Summer seem salvageable again. But sometimes, the cement pond isn’t available. Sometime, the above ground beauty you bought from Wal-Mart springs a leak, or that little plastic wader has simply warn out. Still, that doesn’t stop many of us from simply turning on the sprinklers and getting a good run in.

Most Dogs LOVE The Water



Our pets are just like us – sort of. Not cats, even though you see their wild brethren enjoying a refreshing dip in their zoo retention moat now and again. No, dogs dig H2O in ways that make us smile. From swimming and diving to the simple act of getting wet and wiggling themselves dry, pups and pools go hand in hand. So when this adorable little French bulldog wanted to take a refreshing dip, he found the family spa lacking. What did he do once he discovered the error. Let’s just say you can’t keep a good pup down, or a smile from crossing your face once you see his “dogged” determination. Enjoy.

Poor Thing Can’t Even Doggy Paddle

Now This Is More Like It

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