Someone Abandoned This Poor Dog – Then Someone Stepped In To Save Him

There was a song back in the day called “Easy To Be Hard,” and the lyrics are as profound now as they were back then. The line goes a little something like this:

“How can people be so heartless/ How can people be so cruel/
Easy to be hard/ Easy to be cold.”

It’s taken from the 1968 rock musical Hair, and while it represented a counterculture plea when it was released, it now seems to symbolize a whole generation of folks who find satisfaction in being mean to others.

Henry Was Just Left To Fend For Himself


Indeed, from politicians to people who believe in their own sense of privileged, we live in troubling times – and a perfect example of what we are talking about it poor Henry the dog. Place this story in the category of “People Who Don’t Deserve To Own A Pet” and proceed with caution.

With A Massive Tumor On His Side


You see, this friendly Golden Retriever was found wander the beaches of SoCal, a massive tumor dragging down the entire right side of the body. He was just left there. Animal control believes the owner grew tired of caring for the special needs pooch and pawned him off on society by simply putting him somewhere and walking away.

He Needed A Miracle To Survive


Is There A Happy Ending Here? Continue On To Find Out