Emotional Father Reduced To Tears After Receiving Lifelike Doll Of Stillborn Son

Sometimes, a memory is not enough. No matter how precious or prolonged our acquaintance, their loss lingers. It torments us, teasing us with possibilities that will never be, and futures that have been forged and now forgotten in the past. So we want something more. Since we can’t have time, or the ability to recapture exact feelings, we’ll take almost anything, no matter how heartbreaking or harsh it may be.

This Is Not A Living Baby


Eleven years ago, Shane Pointon was a proud papa to be. He was eagerly anticipating the birth of his son, Jay Lee, and when his wife went into labor, he was ready to play Dad. Then something horrible happened. His little boy didn’t make it. Jay Lee was stillborn and the loss devastated Shane and his wife. For more than a decade, the death plagued him. He only had his boy for a brief time, and that brevity hurt.

It’s A Doll


So when the 44-year-old received a mystery gift recently, he couldn’t have imagined the level of sentiment it would dredge up. As with many post-modern memorials for a tragic loss, Shane was given a plastic replica of his son, complete with realistically recreated facial features. It was so much like the little boy he lost that Shane couldn’t contain himself. As the video included here shows, he broke down and cried. A lot.

And It’s Making One Depressed Dad A Whole Lot Happier


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