This Little Boy With Down Syndrome Gets His Diva On Singing Whitney Houston

It’s rare to capture a moment of pure joy or unbridled happiness. Even in those instances where we feel nothing but bliss, our elation is almost always buffered by the realities of our otherwise ordinary existence, or filtered through a complex collection of feelings that dim our otherwise obvious enthusiasm. Of course, the younger we are, the easier it is to let go and really feel something – hurt, sadness, anger, and pleasure.

Children With Down Syndrome Are Indeed Special


And then there are those special people who live life outside of the normal boundaries. While medical science declares them “different,” they really are just us, with a slight edge. Maybe it’s a genetic condition which exposes their uniqueness, or a syndrome which suggests such individuality. Whatever the case may be, the end result is a human being who experiences things in the moment, without consideration or concern for what others think.

They Are So Happy And Full Of Life


Dane Miller, a little boy with Down Syndrome, is apparently a massive Whitney Houston fan. Either that, or there is something about the late diva’s rendition of “I Have Nothing” that touches his tiny soul. Whatever the case, Dane’s aunt was driving him around one day when the song came on, and before should could grab her cellphone and start filming, the little darling was belting out the tune like he was a finalist for both America’s Got Talent and American Idol.

And For Dane Miller, That Means Singing!


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