Wow! Here’s What Happens When Artists Are Challenged To ‘Draw This Again’

There are two old sayings that apply to almost any endeavor a person can undertake. The first argues that the best way to achieve any goal or dream is…practice, practice, practice. The other ties directly into such a sentiment. It’s a legitimate rule of thumb. Clearly, practice makes perfect. The more you do something, the better you should get at it (or so logic states). Athletes strive to become flawless at their particular sport while musician will use as many takes (or digital tweaks) as possible to make their latest hit a smooth, slick masterwork. Keep at it and you will see improvement. There is no try, only do (okay, okay, enough with the motivational cliches).

As part of an online meme competition, artists everywhere are following one simple direction – draw it again. That’s right, take something you sketched (or painted, or digitally created) and revisit it. As time has passed, and your skill set has increased, the difference should be stunning, and in this case, it is. In the gallery included here are looks at the future of pen and ink expertise. Some of these are so amazing your jaw will be scraping the floor (hopefully, it’s clean). And remember – this is what a little…or a lot…or practice can accomplish. All you need is the drive to do it, and the commitment to make yourself better. So draw it again. Or play it again. Or write it again. It can only improve.

Fantasy Cat

From cartoon to cooooooool!

Is This Really TWO Drawings

Photo-realistic, and then some.

Star Warrior

Only a year of practice and then…this.

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