Can You Spot The Drowning Person In This Wave Pool? Thankfully A Lifeguard Did

The summer season is in high gear, which means most of us are spending our leisure time during these hot days cooling off in some form of water – rivers, beaches, pools and even splash pads. And no matter the form of water, it is a welcome sigh of relief from all of this heat.

A Lifeguard’s Top Priority Is Keeping People Safe



But regardless of what water play you partake in, it’s important to make sure you are water safe. Splashing around at water theme parks and public swimming pools, surrounded by crowds of people, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of fun in the sun in a public place. Things could go from a relaxing day to downright deadly in a matter of seconds.

A Fun Day At The Pool Could Turn Deadly In Seconds


Lucky for us, there are trained lifeguards out there to help make sure we are safe and sound. Their job is to save lives and that’s what they are there to do. Like this lifeguard on duty at a wave pool. In such a large crowd of pool patrons, it’s practically impossible for the naked eye to detect how things could get so out of control so quickly, but that’s why this woman’s training and professionalism were key to saving a life.

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