Hospitalized Dying Mother Sees Pregnant Daughter’s Ultrasound Days Before She Dies

Expectant parents know that the moments leading up to their bundle of joy’s birth are filled with wonder and excitement. But for Taylor Masilotti and her boyfriend, Cotey, the moments were bittersweet.

After Taylor’s mother, Donna Callendar, was diagnosed with terminal stage IV lung and brain cancer, she was confined to the hospital. Because of Donna’s weakened state, Taylor decided to move up her ultrasound appointment so her mother could experience being able to see what the sex of her future granddaughter would be.

The appointment was originally scheduled for the 20-week mark, but they both knew Donna didn’t have much time left, so Taylor moved the appointment up to 19 weeks. Because her mother was too frail to leave the hospital, Taylor had the ultrasound done in her mother’s hospital room, laying side by side next to her.

Taylor Masilotti Wanted To Share Her Ultrasound With Her Mother Donna


Donna Had Terminal Lung And Brain Cancer


Since She Was Too Weak To Leave The Hospital, Taylor Had The Ultrasound Done In Her Mother’s Hospital Room


Taylor Moved The Ultrasound Up A Week Earlier To Make Sure Her Mother Could Be There


Donna Cried When She Found Out Taylor Was Having A Girl



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